Saturday, January 2, 2010

Judicial Activism at its Worst

December 27, 1824
My nose is full of the stench from these activist Judges! This very year, in the case of Mississippi, Bradley v. State, the sacred right of a husband to beat his own wife for her betterment was intruded upon. Here, that judicial scoundrel,Powhattan Ellis, speaking for the supreme court, affirmed:
It is true, according to the old law, the husband might give his wife moderate correction, because he is answerable for her misbehaviour; hence it was thought reasonable, to intrust him, with a power, necessary to restrain the indiscretions of one, for whose conduct he was to be made responsible.

Yet now, thanks to our liberal infested legal system, this just and god given practice is to be restricted! Use of a whip or a rattan must be moderated OR EVEN ABANDONDED ENTIRELY!!!
I fear for the future of this great nation when a man is legally bound to coddle his wife and children. What abomination will these liberal justices commit next? I suppose soon we will be forbidden from disciplining our slaves when they are in need of correction!!!

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