Saturday, January 2, 2010

Judicial Activism at its Worst

December 27, 1824
My nose is full of the stench from these activist Judges! This very year, in the case of Mississippi, Bradley v. State, the sacred right of a husband to beat his own wife for her betterment was intruded upon. Here, that judicial scoundrel,Powhattan Ellis, speaking for the supreme court, affirmed:
It is true, according to the old law, the husband might give his wife moderate correction, because he is answerable for her misbehaviour; hence it was thought reasonable, to intrust him, with a power, necessary to restrain the indiscretions of one, for whose conduct he was to be made responsible.

Yet now, thanks to our liberal infested legal system, this just and god given practice is to be restricted! Use of a whip or a rattan must be moderated OR EVEN ABANDONDED ENTIRELY!!!
I fear for the future of this great nation when a man is legally bound to coddle his wife and children. What abomination will these liberal justices commit next? I suppose soon we will be forbidden from disciplining our slaves when they are in need of correction!!!

Socialist SINclair's Jungle Lies

June 4, 1906
No doubt you've heard the sensationalist uproar regarding the scandalous and untruthful work of
fiction The Jungle. The meat industry generously employs immigrants who would otherwise starve if not for White Anglo Saxon Protestant largesse. It builds character for the youth fortunate to find employment in an modern American abattoir. Socialist hysteria will only injure the great unwashed populace they claim to be defending!!!

Slaughtering animals in large numbers presents logistical problems that will occasionally lead to unavoidable mishaps. Certainly a careless worker may lose a digit or limb in the rendering process. Once in a great while an inattentive worker will plunge into a vat and be transmuted into lard, but such is the cost of progress.

Supreme Abomination!!!

June 17, 1963
Once again the liberal activist Supreme Court has acted to further erode the moral values of our once great nation!!! Now states can no longer require all students to read the Holy Bible as part of their public school education! The most recent case was brought on by a Unitarian who objected to Pennsylvania's law (24 Pa. Stat. 15-1516, as amended, Pub. Law 1928) requiring that "[a]t least ten verses from the Holy Bible [be] read, without comment, at the opening of each public school on each school day." Now that law has been struck down, there is no way to correct the false teachings of heretics like the Unitarians, Jews, or Papists who don't know how to pray properly using the King James Bible. This is what happens when a Catholic is elected president!


March 21, 1983

Proclamation 5034 -- Afghanistan Day, 1983
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation
The tragedy of Afghanistan continues as the valiant and courageous Afghan freedom fighters persevere in standing up against the brutal power of the Soviet invasion and occupation. The Afghan people are struggling to reclaim their freedom, which was taken from them when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December of 1979.
In this three-year period the Soviet Union has been unable to subjugate Afghanistan. The Soviet forces are pitted against an extraordinary people who, in their determination to preserve the character of their ancient land, have organized an effective and still spreading country-wide resistance. The resistance of the Afghan freedom fighters is an example to all the world of the invincibility of the ideals we in this country hold most dear, the ideals of freedom and independence...

With God on Our Side

February 5, 1985
Yesterday our noble President Reagan addressed a convention of valiant Christian broadcasters and cited Luke 14:31 to verify that "the scriptures are on our side" in building up our nuclear arsenal. We must be prepared to combat the evil empire that is the Soviet Union for years and years until God decides that the time for the end of days has come.

A New Era Dawns

January 20, 2001

At last we have a right thinking majority in our government. With President George W. Bush at the nation's helm, we will see the dawning of a new American Century. President Bush has vowed to cut the top tax bracket, which is a proven way to bring in more revenue and spur the economy. The next eight years are guaranteed to bring in a new order of peace and prosperity now that we are once and forever rid of those pesky liberals.

Operation Iraqi Liberation

February 14, 2003
The U.S. must invade Iraq NOW! We can't let the terrorists who attacked our country win. Sadaam Hussein and his terrorist allies could set off a nucular device any day now!
If we invade it will be a cakewalk. The people will welcome us with flowers and chocolate. Once freed of their tyrannical dicatator, a garden of democracy will flourish in the desert sands. The whole operation will pay for itself, once the Iraqi oil starts flowing. We owe it to ourselves to attack Iraq so that peace and justice will reign!

Mission Accomplished!

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Tyler J. Clements.

May 1, 2003
It all happened just like our President said it would! The war is over and the forces of righteousness have prevailed. A new era of peace, prosperity, and democracy is emerging in the Middle East. Thanks to our victory, Iraqi oil will flow freely and gas should stay at a dollar a gallon for the next fifty years!

Obama Depression

November 12, 2008
Astute listeners of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh will have heard the irrefutible case that President-elect Barack Hussein Obama is completely responsible for the decline in the stock market, or to be more accurate, the "Obama recession." This is all Obama's fault. Just wait until he gets in office, then things will get really bad.